Fashion industry is among the ones that produces the biggest part of finished leather waste. Through our research we realized that the field of recycling possibilities is very vast and we were especially drawn towards leather's natural properties. Each type of leather brings along a story, but most importantly a natural behaviour usually hidden behind our own visual understanding of the material. We were mainly interested in exploring and combining these natural properties and behaviours with different manufacturing processes. When treated with specific moisture and pressure, leather layers create their own natural bonds that not only transform the material, but gives it properties of other materials as well.
We wanted to get familiar with the characteristics of the material as well as the processes used to shape it and transform it, such as cuir bouilli for example, as well as the handcrafting methods used in different areas of industry. The aim was to find new ways to employ these crafts and let the material develop the process, As a result we created different leather laminates, each bringing a different aesthetic, as well as a new physical property, such as strength and elasticity.